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Change Your Ministry Leader’s Assessment
Change Your Ministry Leader’s Assessment Seminar Guidebook

Have you ever wanted a way to discover your passion for ministry and how it aligns with what you are doing in the life of the church? Have you been looking for a process that allows your leaders to discover their passion for ministry and to place them in the area of their greatest potential?

The Change Your Ministry Leader’s Assessment goes beyond the standard personality tests and spiritual gifts inventories to pinpoint the intersection of your values and what you do.

The assessment starts out by answering 15 questions about your passions as you identify the ones that you give the highest priority.  Here are a couple of the questions:

I enjoy shaping the worship life of our faith community through preaching, liturgy, music, and the sacraments”

“I get energy from helping individuals discover God’s call for their lives and putting their gifts and talents into action.”

After answering the questions, you will be led through a process that scores your results using the assessment triangle.

Leader’s Assessment Triangle

Once you have scored the assessment, the real fun begins.  Each line of the triangle represents three key areas of ministry:

CHURCH: The way we worship, equip, and care.

CULTURE: The way we connect, engage, and accept.

CHANGE: The way we transform lives through intentional systems of justice and discipleship.

In the corners, are three ministry styles that define where people live out their passion:

SPIRITUAL:  Spiritual Leaders are passionate about their relationship with God and inviting others to experience the grace and love of Jesus Christ.

PASTORAL: Pastoral Leaders are passionate about relating to people as they live out their faith journey.

MISSIONAL: Missional Leaders are passionate about making the world a better place. They get energy from joining with others in the community to make changes that improve the lives of others.

In addition, one other ministry style can be discovered:

COMMUNICATIONAL: Communicational Leaders are gifted in listening to the congregation, their community, and to God to articulate a vision for the future. 

When used with a church council, staff team, or leadership team, members of the group can compare their answers to see where they are the strongest and discover the gaps in ministry that need to be addressed.

For those wanting to take this deeper, The Change Your Ministry Leader’s Assessment Seminar Guidebook is the teaching tool for the Change Your Ministry Leader’s Assessment. It is designed for workshop leaders, pastors, and church staff who want to equip leaders in their congregations.

The guidebook includes a link and password for the www.changeyourministry.org website’s DOWNLOAD section where members can find downloadable presentations, leader development tools, and other resources for leader development.

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