Change Your Ministry Offering 3 New Resources

The first three resources from Change Your Ministry reflect the focus of this site to provide hands-on tools and resources for pastors and leaders in congregations.

The Change Your Ministry Leader’s Assessment is a new discernment tool based around Church, Culture, and Change. Created by Craig Kennet Miller, the tool is designed to identify the passion for ministry of your leaders. To learn more, go to the Leader’s Assessment tab or click HERE.

3 New Resources from

While you can use the Leader’s Assessment on its own, the Change Your Ministry Leader’s Assessment Seminar Guidebook provides four group lessons that will build and train your leaders. The guidebook includes a password which will gain you access to the DOWNLOADS section of this site which includes presentation slides for four seminars on Leaders, Church, Culture, and Change and tools like the Spiritual Life Template and the Rolls of Innovation that you can use with people in your congregation. It also includes a group discussion guide for each lesson that you can download and print for your participants.

The Change Your Ministry Preacher’s Journal is an all-encompassing system for creating sermons. It’s not designed to tell you what to preach. Instead, it gives you a repeatable template which you can use to create dynamic messages throughout the year. To learn more, go to the Preacher’s Journal tab or click HERE.

For more information contact Craig Miller at
He is available for events, training, and consultations on how to best use this material in your ministry.

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